Board Policies

These policies enacted by the Board are enforceable by the documents of the Indigo Lakes Community Association. Non-compliance by any homeowner or guest can lead to restricted use of common areas and/or fines.

       Pool Area Restrictions (August 21, 2004)

bulletNo glass containers permitted in the pool area  
bulletFood at the pool area is permitted at the tables only  
bulletNo pets of any type are permitted in the pool area  
bullet No bicycles, skateboards, roller skates/blades or scootere are permitted in the pool area  
bullet Un-registered gasoline powered motorized scooters are not permitted to be operated within the community  
bullet Hedges should be well-trimmed and not exceed 8 feet in height  
bullet Pool is closed from dusk until dawn  
bullet No one under the age of 18 can be at the pool without the accompaniment of an adult

   Basketball Hoop Restrictions (August 15, 2006)

bulletPortable basketball hoops may be used in front yards only on owner’s driveways, subject to the restrictions described below. The presence of a sloping driveway does not waive or limit this restriction. To prevent unsightly conditions, portable basketball hoops should be stored out of sight from the street when not currently in use. If moving the hoop for storage between uses is impractical, then it may be left in place, but only as described below.


bulletHoops must be kept in either upright or folded condition when not in use and must not be used on or block common areas, sidewalks or streets  
bulletPortable basketball hoops may be placed in an owner’s front yard, but only adjacent to and facing the driveway, and can not be placed within the 10‘ utility easement that is in front of each lot.  
bulletVisible hoops must be mechanically sound, clean, and well maintained.  
bulletOwners may not permit visible hoops to become an unsafe or unsightly nuisance, and the Board in its sole judgment may require the removal of such hoops.  

Hoops, players, or balls must not be permitted to damage surrounding landscape, structures, vehicles, or signage in common areas or other owner’s property.


For safety reasons, hoops may not be positioned to encourage playing on the sidewalk, on a neighbor’s property or in a street


Hoops are permitted in the common areas only with prior written permission from the association. Unauthorized hoops are subject to removal and disposal by the Association with costs charged to owners.


Non-portable hoops, like any other exterior change are subject to advance written approval of the Architectural Review Committee. Hoops erected without prior approval might not be approved by the ARC; homeowners could be required to remove unapproved hoops and may be subject to fines.


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