ARC Approved Paint Colors

ARC Approved Paint Colors

ONLY the approved Sherwin-Williams Paints listed below will be allowed.  The ARC Form must be submitted and approved prior to painting including the scheme number and color choices of the scheme. When applying for approval, the neighbor houses on both sides, as well as the 3 across the street, must not already be the requested color. ARC approvals for paint are good for 3 months. If you have not yet painted by then, the color may be released to a neighbor and you will have to request a new color.

Sherwin Williams colors will be used – paint bought elsewhere is subject to inspection – and if the color is found to not to match- repainting will be required as a remedy. 
Book for viewing colors are located at the Coconut Creek Location:4171 W Hillsboro Blvd, Ste 1. 

ALL INDIGO LAKES RESIDENT’s WILL RECEIVE A 30% DISCOUNT FOR EXTERIOR PAINT CHOICES  BELOW- WITH PROOF OF APPROVED ARC FORM.   Discount is excluded if the paint is being bought through a Sherwin Williams contracted painter  (they already receive a discount).

Roof and driveway colors added at the bottom of this page. 

IMPORTANT NOTES: All accent pieces on the house including decorative shutters are to be painted the trim color or white. Specified door color is only for the front entrance and rear entrance doors, not the garage door. The garage door may be painted Chateau Brown SW7510 as an option with any approved color scheme.

Sherwin William Paints:
The following is a link to download the pages from the color scheme book:
Color Picture Book
Note: Any discrepancies with the book or below description, the book is the proper information.

Exterior Paint:    B2WW7213   
South Florida Acrylic A16W200 / B22W101   
Solid Color Stain B40WK7203                    
Bld. Select Semi-Gloss

Scheme 1

Body  Stucco  SW7569
Trim  Accessible Beige SW7036
Garage DoorAccessible Beige  SW7036
Stucco SW7569
Front Door options: Peppercorn SW7674 or Accessible Beige  SW7036 or 
Chateau Brown  SW7510

Scheme 2

Body  Kilim Beige  SW6106
Trim options: Divine White SW6105 or Sensational Sand   SW6094
Garage Door Match to trim color or body     
Front Door trim color or Plantation Brown  SW7520

Scheme 3

Body  Balanced Beige  SW7037
Trim  Creamy SW7012
Garage DoorBalanced Beige  or Creamy
Front Door options: Creamy  SW7012 or Chateau BrownS  W7510 or 
Shade Grown  SW6188

Scheme 4  

Body  Virtual TaupeS  W7039
Trim  Accessible Beige  SW7036
Garage Door Accessible Beige  SW7036
Front Door options: Rustic Red  SW7593 or Accessible Beige  SW7036 or 
Chateau Brown  SW7510

Scheme 5  

Body  Collonade Gray  SW7641
Trim  options: Pavestone  SW7642 or Trim  Snowbound  SW7004
Garage Door  Match to trim 
Front Door options: Tricorn Black  SW6258 or Pavestone  SW7642  or 
Snowbound   SW7004
Note: with a Tricorn Black  Front Door SW6258 only  you have the option to paint the shutters black

Scheme 6

Body  Ancient Marble  SW6162
Trim  Svelte Sage  SW6164
Garage Door Svelte Sage SW6164
Front Door options: Svelte Sage  SW6164  or Eclipse SW6166

Scheme 7  

Body  Garden Sage  SW7736
Trim  Antique White  SW6119
Garage Door Antique White  SW6119
Front Door options: Antique White  SW6119 or Plantation Brown  SW7520 or 
Chateau Brown  SW7510

Scheme 8  

Body  Cupola Yellow  SW7692
Trim  Summer White  SW7557
Garage Door Summer White  SW7557
Front Door options: Wheat Penny  SW7705 or Summer White  SW7557 or 
Plantation Brown SW7520
Scheme 10

Body  Biltmore Buff SW 7691
Trim  StoneBriarSW 7693
Garage Door Match to trim color        
Front Door match trim color or Jute Brown  SW6096

Scheme 11
BodyStonebriar  SW7693
TrimBiltmore Buff  SW7691
Garage DoorMatch to trim color        
Front Door trim color or Jute Brown SW6096

Scheme 12 
Body  Apricot Freezecolor matched
Trim  Alabaster  SW7008
Garage DoorMatch to trim 
Front Door options: Wheat Penny  SW7705 or Alabaster  SW7008
Scheme 13  
Body  Netuske  SW6134
Trim options: Creamery SW7012 or Harmonic Tan  SW6136
Garage Door Match Trim 
Front Door options:  Harmonic Tan  SW6136 or Creamery  SW7012 or Plantation Brown  SW7520 or Muddled Basi SW7745

The following are the original paint schemes and are no longer being approved by the ARC as a new paint color. These are to be used for homeowners as a reference should you choose to repaint the same original color as first painted when constructed. Repainting the same color as current is not required to be approved by the ARC. Sherwin-Williams can provide the current paint code in their cross-reference.

  1. Body & Garage Door(s): SW 2325 Trim: SW 2447 Entry Door(s): SW 2447
  2. Body & Garage Door(s): SW 2332 Trim: SW 1647 Entry Door(s): SW 1647
  3. Body & Garage Door(s): SW 1353 Trim: SW 1341 Entry Door(s): SW 2378
  4. Body & Garage Door(s): SW 1065 Trim: White  Entry Door(s): White
  5. Body & Garage Door(s): SW 2448 Trim: White  Entry Door(s): White
  6. Body & Garage Door(s): SW 1332 Trim: SW 2447 Entry Door(s): SW 2447
  7. Body & Garage Door(s): SW 1654 Trim: White  Entry Door(s): White
  8. Body & Garage Door(s): SW 1123 Trim: SW 1641 Entry Door(s): SW 2367
  9. Body & Garage Door(s): SW 2442 Trim: White  Entry Door(s): SW 2318
  10. Body & Garage Door(s): SW 2333 Trim: White  Entry Door(s): White
  11. Body & Garage Door(s): SW 2429 Trim: SW 2039 Entry Door(s): SW 2036 
  12. Body & Garage Door(s): SW 2441 Trim: SW 2318 Entry Door(s): SW 2177
  13. Body: SW 6372 inviting ivory  Trim & Entry Door(s) SW 6371 vanillin or SW 6373 harvester Garage Door(s): Body or Trim color
  14. Body: SW 6162 ancient marble  Trim & Entry Door(s) SW 6161 nonchalant white or SW 6164 svelte sage  Garage Door(s): Body or Trim color
  15. Body: SW 6106 kilim beige Trim & Entry Door(s) SW 6105 divine white or SW 6094 sensational sand  Garage Door(s): Body or Trim color
  16. Body: SW 6358 creamery  Trim & Entry Door(s) SW 6378 crisp linen or SW 6094 sensational sand  Garage Door(s): Body or Trim colorBehr Premium Paint
  17. Body: ecc-20-1 canyon view  Trim: ecc-42-2 cotton ridge Entry Door(s): 770 b-6 oakwood brown  Garage Door(s): Body or Trim color

Note: Only original paint color schemes 13 – 17 are allowed to have garage door(s) the body or the trim color.

Original Paint Color Charts 
Chart 1

Chart 2

Original Roof Colors
For color reference, use the following links for approved roof colors which have checks on them.
Scan 1
Scan 2

Approved Roof Color Replacements

Profile: Malibu
Description: Hues of Reddish Orange, Black Streaks
Category: Standard Select
Weight: Conventional
Profile: Capistrano
Color Description: Blend of Terracotta, Brownish Tan, Black Streaks
Profile: Malibu
Color Description: Hues of Gray, White Streaks
Regions Available: Florida (SS) midwest(SS) northeast(SS) southeast(SS)
Canyon Clay with black antique, Boral/Estate Style
Westport Blend, Boral
Canyon Dusk Blend, Boral/Barcelona 900 Style
Champagne cream, Boral/Villa 900 style
Royal Palm – Eagle
Santa Paula – Eagle
Sanborn Blend – Eagle
Palm Beach Blend – Eagle
Rosewood, Eagle
We now allow single and double-roll style. The color, style, and manufacturer are needed on the ARC form. A house survey, or drawing from the roofing company, the paperwork for the job and the license information are also to be included with the ARC request.

Driveway Colors
Approved Stain Color: Eggshell
It can be obtained from:
Advanced Surfaces, Inc.
2000 Banks Road
Margate, FL 33063
Advanced Surfaces installation and information regarding stain application

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