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Homeowners Association Meeting and ARC Meeting.

The Community Association meeting occurs on the second Tuesday of each month unless specified differently. 

Next Meeting:

December 14th @ 7:30 PM will be held on-site at the Coconut Creek Recreations Complex
4455 Sol Press Boulevard, Coconut Creek

Important Notes

  • New Gate Call Boxes

The new gate call box has been installed and in use at Lake Como. Sometime prior to June 30th, the new call boxes will be installed at the other 2 locations. Make sure to reach out to the Property Management Company to get a logon for the smartphone app. The new system allows for multiple phone numbers to be simultaneously rung as well as the app allows you to view who is at the gate.

Currently, to be buzzed in through the gate the visitor chooses your name off the new touch screen and the owner/tenant must hit the * button.
Step 1 – Download the app called CELLGATE

If using the app, the email will provide the ability to have a video call is now possible. On the video call a button titled “open” appears.

To add additional users, add phone numbers, set up multi-ring or emails visit the desktop version at https://user.zapopen.com/Account/SignIn. You can also make necessary changes as needed to your account.

ANY QUESTION? Please email Robert@mmpm.us

  • The new Street Tree plan is completed. Homeowners are now able to use this plan to request a permit from the city to remove the live oak and replace it with a more appropriate tree that has been approved for the location as a new street tree. The homeowner will be responsible for the cost and process for the removal and replacement of the new street tree. Please follow this link on the process as well as to see which trees have been approved for the different lots in each community.
    Street Tree Replacement Process
  • For those that received a letter for a violation of the carriage/coach light. We need homeowners to submit an ARC form for requesting a change. If approved, you will be allowed to keep the changed-out lights. Acceptable replacement examples

Overnight parking in the roadways and on landscaped areas is a violation of the Homeowner Association By-Laws. A new company will be starting December 1st to roam the neighborhoods at nighttime on various nights throughout the week and will be calling out an immobilization company to place 2 boots on the vehicle tires. Two warnings will be issued first. The car owner will then be responsible to contact the immobilization company and pay the fee to have the boots removed from the wheels. A letter went out to all homeowners earlier this year communicating this process was coming. As addressed in the letter, if you are having a party or gathering whereas vehicles will be parked in the street between midnight and 6 AM, contact the PM company (M&M Property Management – 954-582-4400) to have it noted with the vendor to not boot the vehicle for that event.

Gate Access Codes information.  If you are not in the gate box and need to be added, please fill out this form and send it to M&M Property Management.
Indigo Lakes Gate Entry Form

If you do not have the code, reach out to M&M Property Management for them. Gate remotes can also be purchased pre-coded from M&M Property Management.

Important Links

Approved Board Policies

Condensed Format HOA Docs

Blue Book (Deed Restrictions) Documents Online  

Architectural Review Committee Form

Acceptable Coach Light Replacement Examples

Other Links

Contact City Code Enforcement

Indigo Lakes Roadways Survey

Please contact the Property Manager for meeting minutes.
Coconut Creek Landscape Compliance

Indigo Lakes Newsletter

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