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Homeowners Association Meeting and ARC Meeting.

The Community Association meeting occurs on the second Tuesday of each month unless specified differently. For July 2019, it will be on the second Tuesday.

Next Meeting:

July 9th @ 7:30 PM @ Coconut Creek Recreation Center

Important Notes

Roadwork Update 2, June 20th:

Starting on Monday, June 24th, there will be some efforts to move some current workloads around as St. Croix has taken longer due to a lot of gutter work and root removal. Please keep in mind, the cement work is only Phase 1 of the work. After the cement work is done, the roadways will be milled and paved and the brick pavers in the roadway will be replaced.

Weather permitting, the roadway milling will begin in Lake Como on Monday, with paving work continuing on Tuesday & Wednesday. Roadway milling may start on Tuesday in Lake Windemere following up with paving on Thursday & Friday. The goal is to have completion of most of the major road work by month end.
Other work is also going to be happening soon within the community including the rip and replace of the bathrooms at the pool area and refreshing the areas at the three entrances including pressure cleaning and painting. The MPOA has already started the work as well of ripping out and will be replacing the landscaping in the medians near 441 on Alexandra Blvd. Pressure cleaning of the sidewalks along Alexandra will be completed next month. Later this year, landscaping improvements should begin along Alexandra Blvd.
As always, any questions should be directed to Robert, the Property Manager. His email is robert@mmpm.us.

Roadwork Update 1, May 24th:

Concrete work will begin Tuesday in St. Croix and will last approximately 5-7 business days then Como for about 5-7 business days and finish with Windemere, about 5-6 days. So in total about 15-20 days. It is expected to be less, however factoring in a loss due to weather. Concrete independent testing will begin about 3-4 days depending on how quickly they move. There are not that many homes were the gutters being replaced block the entire driveway, but will knock on those doors and ask to park in street. Those owners will be inconvenienced for about 2 days. Also, the idea is also not to have too much gutter/ drains dug up at a time and this will limit the number of concrete trucks in the neighborhood.

Milling is expected to start on June 10 and will go quick. Milling once finished in St. Croix will trigger paving. Milling will begin in Como right after and so on. The idea is what is milled today will be paved tomorrow and then striped the next day. There may be milling on the first day only then paving would be 2 days later, but that’s only to start.

The concrete crew will have 3 to 4 guys directing traffic as needed to ensure no holdups by the residents. Same is expected for paving company. Work will begin by 8 with the crew coming in about 7:30. Work is expected to be around 4:30 – 5 each day.

Work is expected to be completely finished by end of June.

Overnight parking in the roadways is a violation of the Homeowner Association By-Laws. A company started in March to roam the neighborhoods at nighttime on various nights throughout the week and will be calling out an immobilization company to place 2 boots on the vehicle tires. The car owner will then be responsible to contact the immobilization company and pay the fee to have the boots removed from the wheels. A letter went out to all homeowners earlier this year communicating this process was coming. As addressed in the letter, if you are having a party or gathering whereas vehicles will be parked in the street between Midnight and 6 AM, contact the PM company (M&M Property Management – 954-582-4400) to have it noted with the vendor to not boot the vehicle for that event.

Gate Access Codes have been updated. This is not the code in the box that corresponds to the lot number and dials a phone number to give guests access. You can start using the new codes. If you are not in the gate box and need to be added, please fill out this form and send it to M&M Property Management.
Indigo Lakes Gate Entry Form

If you do not have the new code, reach out to M&M Property Management for them. Gate remotes can also be purchased pre-coded from M&M Property Management.

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